Responsible partner(s): Middlesex University – MDX (UK)  with WUELS (PL) and USZ (HU) 

A pilot group of 5 staff form each university, for a total of 111 people, will attend a 1-week training course in 3 EU partners: MDX, WUELS, USZ on Framework of Qualifications, on recognition methodology used in EU for the transfer of credits and grades from one university to another.  The first activity will be the definition of selection criteria of the pilot group. Language competences, previous experience in mobility management, previous cooperation with EU universities will be the basic key criteria. Further requirements will be identified by EMU and decided by the consortium SC. On the base of the needs identified by the survey, the training programme will be developed and training materials produced. By M10 the 3 training courses will be finalised. Teaching will be done in English and the course registered and up-loaded on the web site.



  • Identification and preparation of pilot staff group in each PC university

On the base of the survey finalised on M8, the partners will identify the criteria for the selection of a pilot staff group for the implementation of recognition procedures compatible with EU and other PC partners. MDX will propose the criteria and the training Programme. The SC approves by e-mail. By M9 each PC partner select 5 people who will attend the training in EU

  • Organisation of 1-week training study tours in EU: definition of course content and pedagogical resources, training of 111 academic staff

In Autumn 2017 WUELS, MDX and USZ host respectively 5 representatives from each PC university, for a total of 111 people, and deliver the agreed courses. Training materials will be translated and published in the project web site for e-learning, some relevant lectures recorded and uploaded. At the end of the training, involved staff upgraded competence and knowledge on recognition methodology.


Additional training

Mainly for Visa problems, a significant number of staff to be trained could not participate to the training in Europe (78 trained out of the foreseen number of 111). The coordinator, together with MDX, worked to offer, in the framework of the activities of the project, additional opportunities of training especially for those countries where a large number of people missed the training. For this purpose, considering that a large part of the missing people come from Central Asia (20 out of 33) training session has been offered by European partner together with the Steering Committee meeting in Almaty (Kazakhstan) n the 16-17-18 of May 2018, with 26 effective participants.