Responsible partner: Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS) – Wroklaw, Poland


Responsible of the general plan for Quality control and Monitoring will be WUELS. Monitoring Strategy will be based on periodic reporting from all levels of the management structure. Regular narrative reports will be prepared by the Local Teams so as to demonstrate timely achievement of the planned outcomes. These reports will facilitate an on-line monitoring of progress so as to measure the achievement. They will be analysed by the SC members of the project to coordinate and correct, when necessary, ongoing activities if the outcomes are not achieved on time. Quality evaluation will be based on internal and external indicators.



As Internal Mechanisms of quality control, implemented by the participants involved in the project’s execution, the following can be cited:
– approval by the local responsible of the project (SC member) of the project of quarterly reports prepared by the WUELS;
– approval by the Steering Committee of half-yearly narrative and financial project reports, implemented by the local project responsible;
– the mandatory approval of all developed methodologies by the Institutional Academic Authorities to ensure the quality and the applicability of the outputs;
– preparation of degree work and theses by the students involved, and their evaluation and certification by the institutional boards;
– internal evaluation surveys prepared by selected academics from the consortium universities during the local meetings; and
– peer reviews prepared by the project staff for the regional conferences.
As an important part of the quality control system, there will be External Evaluation and Assessment. In particular, it includes:
– the evaluation of project outputs by governmental representatives;
– comments from non-consortium universities involved in project activities (both within Partner Countries and the EU), with their assessment of the quality of project outputs;
– monitoring of project activities and evaluation reports by the external expert;
– the approval of project materials and methodology by the Ministry of Education;
– an analysis of feedback from all participants to the regional meetings to be utilised in the evaluation of the project’s quality.


Period: 15-10-2016  / 14-10-2019