Responsible partner: University of L’Aquila (UNIVAQ) – L’Aquila, Italy


For the coordination of partners’ actions and tasks and the management of the project activities it is needed to identify:
– a Steering Committee in order to take the decisions needed to carry out the activities,
–  a working group in each country and a regional coordinator,
–  the administrative staff in charge of the organisational, financial and reporting activities in each consortium member,
– clear definition of tasks, duties and responsibilities of each consortium member,
– financial flows organisation,
– descriptive and financial reporting documentation format, deadlines and referent person,
– conflicts’ management and solutions.
All the above will be contained in the Partnership Agreement that each partner and coordinator will sign. Decision on these issues, discussed by e-mail in the first 2 months of project life, will be agreed in the Kick Off meeting.
The SC is composed by 1 representatives of each consortium member. The representative of University of L’Aquila will chair the CT. Each partner identifies the local project team, each country identify a lead, each region identifies a coordinator.
It will be necessary to organise 4 international SC meetings in order  a) to discuss and evaluate the collected data and agree a common survey; b) to define methodologies and staff training needs  and to plan the timing; c) to organise the staff training; d) to identify the pilot degree courses; e) to agree the credit and grade transfer methods according to the synoptic tables; f) to evaluate and monitor the activities; g) to implement a strategy for the sustainability; h) to prepare guidelines and agreements for the continuation of the activities.  Furthermore the regional coordinator will visit periodically the other regional partners.
The organisational and financial management structure is composed by the administrative staff in charge of the organisational, financial and reporting activities identified in each consortium member. For the contractor it is needed a part-time person with competencies in financial reports, for the regional coordinators 1 part-time person with competencies in the specific field and in managing transnational projects. For the other partners a part-time secretary is sufficient to ensure the contacts and the implementation of the activities.


UNIVAQ, as Grant holder, has the responsibility of financial and procedural issues, i.e., it will:

    • control and monitor financial activities;
    • be the main interlocutor of CE and EACEA authorities;
    • ensure the budget transfer to the partners according to the agreed methodologies;
    • Participate to international meetings of project SC, and contribute to the organisation of quality control of peer review and of the external evaluator.

All the partners will:

    • contribute to the preparation of the documents, reports of the official meetings, teaching materials etc. ;
    • identify the local team for the implementation of the activities and fullfilment of tasks as well as the administrative responsibles;
    • provide the documentation for carrying on the quality assessment.

The administrative staff appointed for the project will be in touch for printing and inserting in the web site the agreed documentation. Its SC  member will be in touch continuously by e-mail and telephone but the main decisions will be taken in the envisaged regional and international meetings.

Period: 15-10-2016  / 14-10-2019





List of Steering Committee members: Steering Committee members PAWER [PDF]

Other documents can be found in the Dropbox folder of the project [access only for partners] + PAWER