Responsible partner(s): University of Szeged – USZ (Hungary)


Following and completing the needs analysis made during the project proposal preparation, at the beginning of the project activities a survey on existing credits systems and on the application of ECTS, where they are adopted,  will be conducted in order to identify specific needs in each institution. Since each participating university experimented the Bologna principles at different level, its needs are also specific and unique. The survey will show the gaps and the directions how the project on compatible credits development will be shaped and progressed during the three years in each participating universities. The activity will be performed in each institution under the supervision of USZ. Virtual meetings will provide the exchange of information needed for the design of the first plan draft.

  • Activities: Exchange of information on local systems and  survey of 13 national frameworks

A special survey has to be developed to learn more about the needs and problems encountered by participating HEIs while implementing mobility. The survey draft will be developed initially in local languages and then in English for the preparation of the final survey on all the participating institutions. Reports, by EU and PC universities involved in EMA2 projects, on problems encountered in recognition of exams done in EU by their students.

Period:  1-11-2016  / 30-06-2017




Final version of the questionnaire used for the survey:

PAWER WP1 – Questionnaire for credit systems [PDF] 


Final Report: evaluation of different credit systems in the partnership:

PAWER WP1 – Evaluation of the credit systems [PDF]