Responsible partner(s): Middlesex University – MDX (UK)  with WUELS (PL), USZ (HU), UCMT (BG) and UNIVAQ (IT) 

The experience and competence gained during the study tour in EU will be shared with  and disseminated to other staff, teachers and students in each PC institution through the organisation of Local Training Seminars conducted by staff retrained in EU. This will allow the constitution of competent and permanent Local Team able to revise and update information and date according to the evolution of needs and constraints and to maintain fruitful contacts and dialogue with the project partners, with institutional and national authorities and with regional academic and governmental bodies (multiplier effect, long term impact and sustainability). In each PC institution the constituted Local Team will prepare a first draft for  the recognition and comparability strategy and for outlining the final synoptic scheme. The outlined strategy and methodology will be reviewed and officially agreed in each institution with the support of  EU HEI representatives. The first Regional Meeting will disseminate the aims and results to a wide number of universities and authorities.



  • Local training seminars conducted by retrained staff in their institutions

The pilot staff trained in EU disseminate the learnt knowledge and the acquired competences to other staff within their institution. The staff will be identified by the institutional authorities in order to constitute a permanent Local Team able to manage the recognition issues not only during the project implementation but also when conditions and requirements from students, academic community and authorities as well as national and international policies change and need adaptation and updating of knowledge and competences. Selection criteria and adaptation of training courses will be identified and suggested by MDX. The first input of the activities were given during the Steering Committee in Ulaanbaatar (September 2017) [planned for June 2018]


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  • Constitution of competent local team; preparation, in each PC institution, of a draft for the comparative scheme reviewed and officially agreed during the first regional meeting

PC universities are establishing the Local Teams which will prepare the first draft of local credits allocation methodology and its compatibility with ECTS for the comparative analysis at interregional level and the preparation of a global scheme. This draft will be first discussed and approved at regional level, during the first Regional Meeting. [planned for September 2018]


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Presentation during SC in Almaty (May 2018) PAWER W3 Progress 2018-05-15 [PDF]

Comparative analysis and recommendations (October 2018) PAWER WP3 – Comparative analysis and recommendations [PDF]